About Us

MissouriCarry.com became operational in 2002. A number of Missouri gun owners who over the years had been working with Legislative contacts sought to bring more positive and factual information to the Missouri public concerning gun owners.

“We encounter people on a daily basis that have been spoon fed bogus facts designed to scare us out of supporting laws like these. If people would look at the statistics and re-evaluate the situation based on what has happened to the other 45 states that have adopted this law, then a site like this would not be needed.”

Missouri in 2005, finally joined the ranks of 48 other states that have some form of a concealed carry law. We need to continue to educate the Missouri public about its benefits and encourage law abiding citizens to take advantage of this law. As more people continue to apply for permits in Missouri, the ending result will be overall safer communities for the ones we love.

Now that the law has passed, MissouriCarry.com will now focus on providing up-to-date information for the thousands of Missouri citizens who choose to carry in order to better protect their families.

MissouriCarry.com supports the right for all peaceable citizens to own firearms while also supporting the federal background check program that ensures only peaceable citizens are able to purchase them. Your race, sex, religion, political party, or sexual orientation are of no concern to us. Anyone that requires you to disarm is not your friend, and not our friend.

We hope you will find answers to all of your questions on MissouriCarry.com. We will continue to strive to bring you the latest info on Concealed Carry News and Events.