Carry Area Restrictions

  1. Any police, sheriff, or highway patrol office or station
  2. Within twenty-five feet of any polling place on any election day
  3. Any correctional facility
  4. Any courthouse or building used by a court
  5. Any government meeting including state legislature
  6. Government owned buildings except public housing
  7. Bars. (except owners)
  8. Secured parts of airports (Federal)
  9. Prohibited by federal law
  10. All Schools (including colleges)
  11. Child care facilities
  12. Casinos
  13. Amusement parks
  14. Any church other place of religious worship without the consent of the minister or person or persons representing the religious organization that exercises control over the place of religious worship
  15. Private property with 11X14 sign with one inch letters
  16. Arenas and stadiums seating over 5,000
  17. Publicly accessible hospitals
  18. BusFelony under Missouri law. Others listed above will only result in a warning or trespass violation but a bus carry will result in more serious consequences.

Carrying of a concealed firearm in a location specified in 1 through 17 by any individual who holds a concealed carry permit is not be a criminal act but may subject the person to denial to the premises or removal from the premises. If you refuse to leave after being asked and the police are called, you will be fined $100. Second such offense in 6 months is $200 fine and suspension of permit. Third offense in 12 months is $500 fine and loss of permit for 3 years.