Information to Apply

The Process

We would first suggest you locate a suitable training program in your area to begin this process. You can search through our library of Instructors and locations on the training page to find an establishment near you.

  • Apply in writing with your city or county sheriff. (Must be 19 years old or 18 if a member of United States Armed Forces )
  • Submit written application, certificate of training and $100. (Note: some sheriffs’ offices require an appointment.)
  • Present DL or Military ID.
  • Sheriff will fingerprint applicant.
  • Sheriff must deny or issue within 45 days.
  • If approved, sheriff must issue within 3 days.
  • Once approved, the sheriff’s office will issue a permit.

Documents Required

  • Completed Application
  • Photocopy of a firearms safety training certificate
  • Driver’s License or Military ID with orders
  • Nonrefundable Fee not to exceed $100


Renewals of ccw permits are every five years at a fee not to exceed $50.