Instructor Requirements


A firearms safety instructor shall be considered to be a qualified firearms safety instructor by any Missouri sheriff issuing a concealed carry permit pursuant to sections 571.101 to 571.121 RSMo if the instructor:

  • Is a valid firearms safety instructor certified by the National Rifle Association holding a rating as a personal protection instructor or pistol marksmanship instructor; or
  • Submits a photocopy of a notarized certificate from a firearms safety instructor’s course offered by a local, state, or federal governmental agency; or
  • Submits a photocopy of a notarized certificate from a firearms safety instructor course approved by the department of public safety; or
  • Has successfully completed a firearms safety instructor course given by or under the supervision of any state, county, municipal, or federal law enforcement agency; or
  • Is a certified police officer firearms safety instructor.


Instructors must be verified so that their students’ training certificates will be accepted. To do this, instructors can either submit their credentials directly to the sheriff of each county where their students reside (at no cost), or they may instead choose to register to be included in the statewide database of verified instructors for a $10 annual fee.

To register for the statewide database, instructors need to furnish a copy of their valid instructor certification(s), a course outline signed by the instructor and notarized, and a photo of the instructor to their local sheriff only (in the county where the instructor resides), along with the $10 annual registration fee. Registration is only good for the calendar year; instructors who wish to remain in this database must continue to register annually. Any instructor registered in the statewide database shall be presumed by ALL sheriffs to be a valid instructor, unless a sheriff has reason to believe otherwise. Instructor information in the statewide database is a closed record except for access by any Missouri sheriff.

Course Completion Certificate

moccwqualform2019.pdfA certificate of course completion is issued by the instructor to the student who passes the firearms safety training course. On the certificate, the instructor affirms that the individual receiving instruction has taken and passed a firearms safety course of at least eight hours in length that included all of the provisions listed in subsection 2 of 571.111 RSMo.

Instructors can get the current standard certificate here:
Missouri Firearms Safety Instructor Qualification Form
and Certificate of Firearms Safety Training Course

Compliant with 2019 Missouri law (unchanged from 2015 form).

Course Records

Instructors must make the applicant’s course records available to the sheriff on request.

Records on all students must be kept for at least four (4) years from the date of course completion.

Restrictions and Violations

The firearms safety training course must not have more than forty students per certified instructor in the classroom portion of the course or more than five students per range officer engaged in range firing.

Instructors who knowingly provide the sheriff false information concerning an applicant’s performance on any portion of the required training and qualification is a class C misdemeanor.

Any violation of the provisions of 571.111 RSMo shall result in the person being prohibited from instructing concealed carry permit classes and issuing certificates.

See 571.111 RSMo, subsections 2 through 7.