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Gunner University

Jul 25, 2016   //   by admin1   //   Springfield Area

Name – Dan Crouch
Phone – (417) – 772 – 3199
E-mail –

Gunner University
110 2nd Street
Monett Missouri (Springfield Area)

CCW / Basic Pistol Training
July 30, 2016
$65.00 Per Student

Students will need to bring the following items:

1. Eye protection.

You will not be allowed on the firing line without eye protection. If you do not
have proper eye protection, you must inform the instructors before leaving the class
to go to the range.

Note: Eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) is sold at Gunner University for $3.00 per pair
and may be purchased the day of the class.

2. Hearing Protection.

You will not be allowed on the firing line without hearing protection. If you do not
have proper hearing protection, you must inform the instructors before leaving the
class to go to the range.

Note: We will have disposable hearing protection for sale ($0.75 per pair) and may
be purchased at the time of the class.

3. A Semi-automatic handgun or revolver.

This gun must be clean and in good working order. Your gun will be inspected by the
Range Safety officer before you will be allowed on the firing line. We reserve the
right to deny any gun on the firing line that we feel is not safe. If your gun is
denied on the firing line, you may secure a substitute and continue to qualify.

4. Proper Footwear

Proper footwear must be worn on the range. No flip-flops or open toed shoes of any
kind. No shoes that leaves the top of you foot exposed will be allowed. We highly
recommend boots, but athletic shoes will be acceptable. If you do not have proper
footwear, you will not be allowed on the range.

5. 40 rounds of ammunition.

You need a minimum of 40 rounds to qualify for the CCW course. If you wish to bring
more rounds to practice with before you shoot the CCW course, this will allowed,
depending on class size and time.

6. Proper Identification.

After the classroom training we will travel to the outdoor range. (approx 15-20

Register online at:

Rick Doan

Jun 6, 2016   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas, Training Locations, Uncategorized

Name – Rick Doan

Phone – (573) – 382 – 9145

E-mail –
I am an CCW instructor for the State of Missouri aI am in
Chaffee MO and I charge $75.00 per person. Please contact me with any questions.

Semper Armatus

Jun 6, 2016   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas, Training Locations, Uncategorized

Name – Melvin Bowman II

Phone – (405) – 226 – 1022

E-mail –

Semper Armatus, $65, students should bring their own firearm and 100 rounds of
ammunition, We do have firearms students may use for a small additional charge. We
can schedule classes to meet your schedule (additional charge may apply). We offer
women’s only classes also.


Jun 6, 2016   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City, Training Locations, Uncategorized


Phone – (816) – 773 – 8200


How You Heard About Us? – CCW Class


Allen Stinebrook

Mar 6, 2016   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas, Training Locations, Uncategorized

Name Allen Stinebrook
Phone (417) – 358 – 1777
Allen Stinebrook
Mo CCW Class
426 w. Fir Rd #120
Carthage, MO 64836
417 358 1777
Class in the Carthage, MO area
Group or private classes
Classes limited to 12

We do MO CCW classes and NRA basic pistol classes

C & C Outdoor Academy, LLC

Mar 6, 2016   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City, Training Locations

Name – Glenn Childress
Phone – (417) – 327 – 6810

C & C Outdoor Academy, LLC
Cross Timbers, Hickory County
$75.00 per student. Group rates available.
8 hour course.
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.
Outdoor shooting range on site. Dress for the weather.
Eye and ear protection available, if needed.
Bring your firearm and at least 40 rounds of ammunition.
Firearms available, if needed.
Bring lunch, snacks and drinks. Water and coffee provided.
Springfield area.
Phone: 417-327-6810 (if no answer, please leave a message)

Absolute Personal Protection

Jan 28, 2016   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis, Training Locations

Absolute Personal Protection
Chief instructor Brandon Ramsey
Cost $75
Everything is provided food, books, firearms and ammunition, and ear/eye protection
also provided
Located in Herculaneum (half hour south of St Louis).
Students must bring a photo Id to class
Phone 314-808-6926

G3 Defense

Sep 28, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Training Locations, Uncategorized

G3 Defense
Roy Dietzman 719-685-6519

Missouri CCW Course $100

The CCW course is designed for people who wish to obtain their
Missouri Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit.

Our CCW Course addresses firearm safety, Missouri laws pertaining
firearms and concealed carry, use of force in the defense of yourself and others,
the legalities involved, and how to carry concealed, plus more. We highly recommend
further training as your schedule and budget allow. However, at a minimum, this CCW
Course will allow you to obtain your CCW permit in the state of Missouri.

Pichler Design Defense Solutions

Sep 28, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City, Training Locations, Uncategorized

Frank Pichler
CCW Class = $60.00 covers class, target, class material, range fee, & firearm if
needed. Ammunition is not provided. Group rates are available for 10 students or
more. Classes held at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Mo. Feel to email or text/call 417 522 6495 to sign up.

Conceal & Carry Inc

Sep 28, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City, Uncategorized

Conceal & Carry Inc.
Certified L.E. CCW / CCH Instructor: James Ham (816-809-9624) or

Certified NRA CCW Instructor: Robert Russell (816-225-9340) or

8**hour course time

Classes location: 1321 Burlington Suite M NKC, Mo. 64116
*$120.00* includes range fees, eyes and hearing protection, weapon and ammo
Bring your own weapon to qualify if you want, you supply your ammo

Over 40 years of combined Law Enforcement, Military, and Active Shooter
Can travel to your office, classroom, or home for private or group class
Register on line at:


Aug 25, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis, Training Locations

Bill Bridwell

Phone – (573) – 384 – 5747

E-mail –







Armed Solutions

Aug 25, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Training Locations, Uncategorized

Roberta House
Phone – (573) – 246 – 0411

E-mail –

Missouri Conceal & Carry Classes (CCW) are being scheduled on a regular basis.
R.S.V.P. is required in order to attend any of our classes. The current fee for this
class is $75.00. This does includes the use of our firearms & ammo, a B27 target
and your classroom material. (For most people this is cheaper than shooting their
own, however, you may also bring your firearms if you wish.) This is the 8 hour
class required to attain your Missouri Conceal & Carry Permit. You may bring
snacks and your lunch. Or if the group prefers, we will send out for pizza or
sandwiches. We will provide tea, lemonade, coffee and water all day. No loaded
firearms in the classroom, please leave them in your vehicle until range time. Be
sure to bring eye and ear protection if you have them. If not, we will loan you
some. We are a husband and wife teaching team. We have instructed everyone from the
complete novice to the veteran to firearms. We believe in making everyone feel
welcome and at ease. This makes for a much better learning environment. You may
call or text to R.S.V.P. to 573-246-0411. This class is held 5 miles outside of
Desloge, 9 miles north of Farmington. We look forward to scheduling a class for you
and your friends, or colleges. It’s important to us that you enjoy your time with us
and we will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy your day! Check us out on
Facebook, we have great reviews!

You may also click on the link below for tickets to pay the $25.00 deposit for the

Other classes can be seen at

Bowand Barrel Sports

Aug 2, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas, Training Locations

Name – Vance Ewing

Phone – (573)-451-2129

E-mail –

Course Cost is $65.00. Plus you will need to bring 40 rounds of ammunition, hearing
and eye protection. We offer an indoor classroom and indoor shooting facility out
to 25 yards. Our Instructors are all NRA Certified in all shooting disciplines.
See our facility and register for classes at We are located
in Saint Robert, MO

Critical Contingencies LLC of Lebanon, MO

Aug 2, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City, Training Locations

Name – Matthew Baugher

Phone – (417) – 588 – 9095

E-mail –

CCW- $75, 8 hours. Hearing and eye protection provided. Refreshments and lunch
provided. Training firearms and ammo available.

Beyond CCW-I & II–$80 per student/$150 couple. This is a course for the CCW
holder who wants additional training. We will review updated CCW laws, and discuss
scenarios in public places. This course will include presenting from concealment,
proper stance and grip, recoil management, shooting on the move, shooting from
cover, and combat and tactical reloading, and clearing malfunctions. Student will
bring Firearm, concealment holster, 3 mags am mag carrier and 300 rds of ammo.

Defensive Shooter-I & II – $80 per student/$150 couple For those who don’t
need or want a CCW, this is a class geared toward the home, but the lessons can be
applied anywhere. We will discuss “Castle Law”, and defensive scenarios inside the
home. This includes Positions of Tactical Advantage, and shooting techniques.
Student will bring Firearm, 3 mags am mag carrier and 200 rds of ammo.

Available upon request: NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation – $50 per student, $80
per couple. 3 hour course. Basic Course for beginner gun owners. Bring your own
gun and 2 mags and 100 rds of ammo.

Physical Security Assessment- Home $75, Business- By bid

This consists of a physical inspection of the customers home, business or church to
identify vulnerabilities. This assessment covers home invasion, burglary, fire and
natural disasters. The customers will receive a report with recommended corrective

Emergency Action Plan- Home $125, Business- By bid

We will come to your home, business or church and help you create an emergency plan
tailored to the situation so that you will know what to do in a crisis. This plan
will include home invasion, active shooter, fire and natural disasters.

Security Policy or Procedures- By bid

We will assist you in the development of a security policy or procedures for you
organization’s specific needs based upon a security assessment. We will assist and
advise your designated personnel in the implementation of these documents. Annual
reviews are available to ensure that these security documents are up to date.

Customized Facility Hardening Armor Systems- By Bid

This consists of design, manufacture and installation of bullet resistant walls,
rooms and windows. We can fulfill the customer requirements for panic rooms, safe
rooms and storm shelters. Protection levels from .30-06 to .50 cal BMG armor
piercing are available.


Jun 30, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Training Locations, Uncategorized


Brookfield Mo

Derek Sturguess (660) – 888 – 0276
NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor
NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home

CCW /basic pistol class is $120.

Pistols, ammo, hearing and eye protection provided.

Lunch breaks for an hour and I do not provide food.

Class is on Saturday. I will make other arrangements upon request.

This is an 8 hour course required to apply for your Missouri Concealed Carry Permit.

Class sizes are kept small (1-8)

Hayden Brown

Jun 30, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City, Training Locations

Name – Hayden Brown

Phone – (417) – 337 – 1425

E-mail –

Training facility located 182 Pritchard Holler Dr.

Reeds Spring, MO 65737

CCW Class is $75.00

Crooked Creek Gun Site

Jun 30, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City, Training Locations, Uncategorized

Crooked Creek Gun Site
Instructor Chuck Webster.
We are a practical not tactical NRA official conceal carry teaching class.8 hours of shared information on Missouri
law,classroom ,visual aids and a written test,different pistols and the qualities of
each discussed! Lunch is provided and included in cost.(100.00) per person. No class
is to big or too small and held 7 days a week on your schedule.Range on site. We
are at Canton,Mo.63435 Call 217-242-0743. Thanks

ConcealedCarry by EagleStar

Jun 30, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

ConcealedCarry by EagleStar

Trainer-Jim Colter 314-520-0041

St. Louis , St. Charles Counties $100 Bring a lunch , water and coffee provided.

Peace Security LLC

May 5, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Name – Nick Nelson

Phone – (314) – 409 – 1292

PEACE SECURITY LLC (Serving Saint Louis City & County)


This is the required course to apply for your Missouri Concealed Carry Permit.
Course topics include:

– Missouri Law Concerning Use of Deadly Force
– Missouri Concealed Carry Weapons Permits Qualifications
– NRA Rules for Firearms Safety
– Choosing the Right Pistol: Semi-Automatic versus Revolver
– Ammunition Selection & Storage
– Fundamentals of Basic Pistol Shooting
– Target Assessment, Improving Shot Placement & Advanced Tips


Time: 10am-6pm

Cost: $100


Time: 10am-6pm

Cost: $125


Classes consisting of at least 2+ students will be prorated (as low as $65).
Contact us for free quote!


Everything you need is provided. You may also choose to bring your own unloaded
pistol (chamber cleared & magazine removed) if you already own a firearm and
would like to learn how to disassemble & clean.


Redneckarms LLC

May 5, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Redneckarms LLC:
Robert Hillemann
(573) – 300 – 8993

I have been teaching Concealed Carry Classes since early in 2014. I started teaching rifle marksmanship in 2008 in Missouri, Colorado and New Mexico.

After graduating from the oldest and largest Gunsmithing College in the nation I started looking for financing for a gun shop. I broke ground in January and the building was completed in March 2015. I hope to open the Gunsmithing business late this spring where I will be able to do common repairs and do some custom work. I will also be able to teach reloading, rifle and other classes as customers demand.

Concealed Carry Classes are generally $100. However, call for information on
discounts. I guaranty satisfaction or your money will be returned.

A Polite Society

May 5, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

A Polite Society Missouri Concealed Carry Classes
Richard Hughes
Phone: 314-374-9155

Web Page

Remember: You will still need to have a Missouri Concealed Carry Permit to be able to receive reciprocity from other states.
Fully Insured
Certified in every county in Missouri
Full 8 Hour Class: $125
NEW! Legal Portion Only – Three Hours: $50
Firearms, ammunition eyes and ears included; Students only need to bring lunch
Small classes no larger than 7 people, Will do couples-only classes
Class Dates: On-demand
Location: Eureka, MO and surrounding areas
Over 1,000 satisfied students
Range on site
– NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
– NRA Certified Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol Instructor
– NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor
– NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
– Missouri Concealed Carry Instructor
– Certified Sabre (pepper spray) Civilian Safety Instructor
– NRA Benefactor Member
– NRA Recruiter
– Federal Firearm License
– Member of National Shooting Sports Foundation

ShadowFire Defensive Solutions

Apr 3, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

ShadowFire Defensive Solutions

We provide MO and IL CCW training

Classes are all-inclusive and cover guns, ammo, eye and ear protection, range
rental, classroom materials, even lunch, drinks, and snacks!! All for $125.
Discounts for large groups and veterans are available.

Petra Defense Systems

Apr 3, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Name – Ed Watkins

Phone – (636) – 795 – 9355

E-mail –

Petra Defense Systems

Personal and Private Classes starting at $150.00 and Small Classes starting at $135.00.

St. Louis and St. Charles Area

Call us at 636-795-9355 – E-Mail us at

S&S Training Solutions LLC of Kansas City

Apr 3, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Name – Parker Schreckenghaust Cole sammons

Phone – 816-365-3017

E-mail –

Instructors Cole Sammons & Parker Schreckenghaust

$79.98 for Missouri Concealed Carry Permit Class Students provide pistol, ammo. We can provide a pistol for a small fee and ammo at cost upon request. Hearing & eye protection provided. Kansas City, MO


Mid MO Defense

Apr 3, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Springfield Area

Steve Kreter

Phone – (660) – 221 – 0352

E-mail –

The cost for classes is $100. We provide lunch firearm ammunition I and hearing protection for all of our classes. Our classes are located in California Missouri but we also travel as needed. We also do CCW class fun raisers for nonprofit organizations. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Alpha Protection LLC

Mar 9, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Alpha Protection LLC
Instructor: Kyle Boyer

We take the intimidation out of training!

$75 for a Missouri and/or Florida CCW permit. That price includes everything you
need for the class- eye and ear protection, gun and ammo. You just need to bring a
sack lunch. We are located in Herculaneum, Missouri. Our classes are held at the
Herculaneum Buchheit store. Students may register through our or Email: or Phone: 314.616.7794

Our Instructors are commissioned Police Officers and active professionals in the
Executive Protection industry.

GPCA Jonique Will

Mar 9, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

GPCA – Jonique Will

Phone: 636-582-0442

Londell, MO
NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol and Rifle. Co-Ed Classes, For Women Only
Classes, Private and Group classes available. Weekday or Saturday classes available.

Smart Defense KC

Feb 6, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Name – Sue Lange
Phone – (816) – 880 – 0576
E-mail –
Sue Lange,
Kansas City, MO

Cost $125 per student, discounts for multiple students available includes handgun and .22 ammo student must bring eye/ear protection. Focusing on women students but men are also welcome.

CCW Training Central Protection Services LLC

Feb 6, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Name – Al Edwards
Phone – (314) – 426 – 2572
E-mail –
CCW Training Central Protection Services LLC, Sunset Hills Missouri 63127
3314-504-1674, Classes every other Saturday, class fee $90-$125.

Ron Merideth

Jan 6, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Ron Merideth

Phone – (573) – 380 – 1928

E-mail –

How You Heard About Us? – Other Website

SEMO Tactical, Sikeston, MO

Ron Merideth


CCW Course $75.00. Eyes and ears are provided.

Also teach advanced handgun, AR-15/M-4 courses

Bushwhacker Training Academy

Jan 6, 2015   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Jens Barclay

Phone – (417) – 321 – 1451

E-mail –

How You Heard About Us? – Search Engine

Bushwhacker Training Academy

Cost: $75

Location: 17874 S 1700 Rd, Nevada, MO 64772

Eye, ear and cleaning materials provided.

Lunch on your own.

Students to provide gun and 40 rds of ammo.

Classes held on Sundays or Mondays. Other days available with a minimum of 5 students.

Full time Law Enforcement Officer and Firearms Instructor.

Xtreme Tactical Defense St. Louis

Jan 6, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Steve Sulze
Xtreme Tactical Defense St. Louis
Cost: $125 includes rental and ammo
Eye and ear protection provided at no cost.
Bring personal firearm and 50 rounds of ammo, or can use one of ours.

Location: Inside The Range St. Louis West, 14803 Manchester Rd. Ballwin, OMO 63011

Pre-Registration Required.

Steve Sulze
Owner\Head Instructor

Mark Martin

Jan 6, 2015   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Mark Martin

Phone – (314) – 581 – 8721

E-mail –

Mark S. Martin, NRA Certified Pistol, and Refuse To Be A Victim

Missouri Basic Concealed Carry Course $125.00 (8 Hours)

Bring Notebook and Pencil/Pen

***Range fees are separate

Centreville, IL

Mark S. Martin

2. S. Firearms and Self-Defense Pistol Training Range

Nov 28, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas, Springfield Area

Roger Spencer
Phone – (417) – 489 – 7032
CCW cost is $75
2. S. Firearms and Self-Defense Pistol Training Range is a NRA Instructor
for CCW courses, and NRA Insured facility located outside of Monett and
Verona Area in SW MO.
2. S. Firearm Firearms and Self-Defense Pistol Range
13437 Farm Road 2000
Verona, MO 65769
417-498-6706 Range #
417-489-7032 Instructor #
417-489-1904 for more information and coordinator of services offered.
We are nearer to Springfield. We are 5 miles outside of Monett, MO and an Hour to
Arkansas, to Oklahoma and to Kansas, a 45 minutes to Joplin or Springfield, MO

Hell On Wheels Tactical Consulting LLC

Nov 28, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Joshua Williams
Phone – (573) – 433 – 4540

E-mail –

Hell On Wheels Tactical Consulting LLC. The class will cost 50.00 and you must bring 200 rounds for your
personal weapon or 200 rounds of 9mm(Non reloads) to use with my supplied Glock 19s.
I will provide everything else. I`m located in Crocker, Missouri

Fisher Arms

Nov 28, 2014   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Keith Fisher
Phone – (314) – 800 – 8221
E-mail –

Instructor Keith Fisher is the FIRST and so far ONLY instructor in the
State of Missouri to be appointed by Massad Ayoob as a Massad Ayoob Group Staff Instructor
Keith has attended a 3 hour CCW law seminar with renowned Second Amendment Attorney Kevin Jamison.

Also, Keith is an NRA certified instructor with 11 certifications so far.
NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun
NRA Home Firearm Safety
NRA Personal Protection In The Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home
NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading
NRA Shotgun Shell Reloading
NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar
Range Safety Officer
Chief Range Safety Officer
With 4 more instructor certifications coming by the end of 2015.
CCW class $100 per student, $180 for a husband and wife combo.
We supply the gun and ammunition for all CCW and most beginner’s classes.
My website is

Neart Arms and Outfitters L.L.C.

Nov 10, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Name – Chris Wells
Phone – (816) – 663 – 4370
Neart Arms and Outfitters L.L.C.


Eye and Ear Protection Provided
Firearms available for rental
Ammunition not included
Kansas City Area
Check us out on Facebook for promotions

SA Training

Nov 10, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Dane Sander
Phone – (816) – 853 – 8629
E-mail –

SA Training at 2 locations in Jackson 63755 and Perryville 63775 in Southeast MO.
Now providing MO Concealed Carry Permit training, Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol
Marksmanship, and NRA FIRST STEP Basic Pistol courses. Concealed Carry courses start
at $60 so call today to reserve your spot in our next class. You will want to bring
a pen/pencil, a highlighter, and a notebook for taking notes. Dress comfortably and
warm for being in the classroom most of the day and outside while at the firing
range. You will need a pistol and a box of cartridges (any caliber, your preference)
but we will have plenty of ammunition to purchase and firearms to rent if needed.
There is never any live ammunition permitted in the classroom. You will need eye and
ear protection but they may also be provided. Visit> today to
register online.

Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center

Oct 13, 2014   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center

590 Turner Blvd
St. Peter’s, MO 63376


Mon – Fri: 10am – 8pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun: 11am – 5pm

We offer: public indoor lane rental out to 25 yards, CCW Training $135, Ladies Night
Courses, First Steps (beginners), Private Training, Shotgun Home Defense, Tactical
Rifle, Tactical Handgun, Women’s Self Defense, The Well Armed Woman, Firearm
Maintenance, USPSA Monthly Leagues and Private Group Rentals.

Mike Gray

Oct 13, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Name – Mike Gray

Phone – (913) – 731 – 3893

E-mail –

Location for Class is Paola KS. Firearm Qualification at Hillsdale Range. NRA
certified instructor trained in Independence MO

We are about 20 miles from the MO State Line, Straight west of Harrisonville.
Prices are $75 to the instructor,$15.00 for the NRA Student Packet and $10 for
Range fee. $100 total. NRA trained instructor trained in Independence MO. Call

Personal Protection Confident Carry

Sep 24, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Columbia Jeff City, Other Areas, Springfield Area

Personal Protection Confident Carry
We offer CCW and basic pistol classes in Southwest Missouri

Our classes are help primarily in Springfield but, we will travel to your location
for classes with a minimum of 10 students. Women’s training for groups can also
be arraigned. Our classes are 8 hours with the range qualification.

Cost is: $75.00 per person including range fee plus ammunition if we provide the
firearms. $25.00 deposit will be required when registration is made.

You may bring your own pistol plus 50 rounds of ammunition for practice and
qualifying. You will also need eye and hearing protection.

Contact one of our NRA certified instructors.

Contact one of our NRA certified instructors.
Don Motley, over 15 years of law enforcement experience 417-812-9261

Steve Sandahl, over 25 years in training and management 402-740-9119

Haw Creek Training

Sep 17, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Gary Flockhart

Phone – (573) – 377 – 2192

E-mail –

How You Heard About Us? – Search Engine

Haw Creek Training is a NRA certified Basic Handgun trainer. I also conduct Concealed Carry classes. My motto is “we can bring the training to you”.
With five students or more and an approved range to shoot. For more information check out our web site at, There is an up front deposit of $25.00 to hold your seat. Fees are as follows $100.00 (less deposit) if we bring the training to your location or $75.00 (less deposit) if you come to my location.
We do advertise monthly specials. You will need to bring your firearm ( we do have guns available) ammunition, eye and hearing protection.

Blue Osprey Security Solutions – Training LLC

Aug 27, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Springfield Area

Name – Darrel Shanks
Phone – (816) – 686 – 6168
E-mail –

Blue Osprey Security Solutions – Training LLC
Bolivar, Mo. 65613

Concealed Handgun License – Initial (One Day) Class

BOSS-T offers this training every third Saturday of each month. Upon successful
completion of the class and submission of the application materials, the state will
issue you a license as soon as 45 days, assuming there is no legal disqualification.
Our CCW class package includes the following:

• Training by a DPS certified instructor

• Qualification on our range.

• Application Preparation Assistance

• Handgun (if none available by student) for use during range qualification

• Safety glasses, and hearing protection for use during range qualification

Subjects Covered:

• Concealed carry law

• Where you can carry and where you cannot

• When you can use force or deadly force

• Legal implications of use of force or deadly force

• Missouri weapons laws

• Nonviolent dispute resolution

• Firearms safety

If you have further questions, please call at: 816-686-6168

Required Equipment:

You will need to bring a pistol, and a revolver, 50 rounds of ammunition for use
during range qualification. (Or you can use our weapons at no cost just bring 50
rounds of .22LR)

Prerequisites: There is a qualification at the end of this class. We will give
guidance on handgun safety, basic handgun skills and shooting prior to qualification

Cost: $50.00 (8 hours)

All American Arms LLC

Jul 24, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Name – Harold & Chip Blair

Phone – (816) – 261 – 2734

E-mail –

At All American Arms LLC we are committed to Personal Protection & Safety
Strategies for the entire family in the St. Joseph area. Classes offered are:
Missouri Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Course comes with or without NRA Pistol
Certification, Home Defense Training, Missouri CCW & Home Defense Training with
or without NRA Pistol Certification, NRA Home Firearms Safety Course. Also secure
your home with a Home Security Audit and find out what areas of your home defense
needs work or changes, learn valuable life saving techniques and much more.
Situational Awareness training is included in all classes for no additional charge.
Kansas CCH coming soon. Private or family group and split time classes are
available; just ask. Pricing varies on training package selected and discounts

Defensor Tactical, LLC

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Defensor Tactical, LLC
30 Meramec Station Road
Valley Park, MO 63088
Open Mon-Sat 10A-7P
(636) 825-3773

Missouri CCW 8 Hour Course $100.00 Discount Available!
What’s Provided: Free Gun Rental, Student packets, Can provide Eye/Ear Protection
What Student Brings: 250 rounds if renting gun bring 22LR ammunition, ammunition can
be purchased at the shop.

Advanced Missouri CCW Course $150.00, Free Gun Rental, Student must bring eye, ear
pro, 300 rounds, and holster.

Close Quarters Combat Course $200.00, Based off the U.S. Army Special Forces
Doctrine, student must bring own pistol, AR15, ammo, eye/ear protection, hat, leg
holster, sling, and extra magazines.

Joel Fields – U.S. Army Infantry, Combat Engineers, and Military Police, Combat Vet
12 Yrs, Law Enforcement Officer 10yrs, Former SWAT Operator, NRA Firearms Instructor

Tim Taylor- Law Enforcement Officer 20 yrs +, Former SWAT Operator, Firearms
Instructor, Glock Armorer

Casey Grau- U.S. Army Special Forces 18 Yrs Combat Veteran, Former and Current U.S.
Contractor for Dept of Defense

John Donelli – Missouri Dept of Corrections Firearms Instructor, Investigator, and
NRA Firearms Instructor

Defensive Resources LLC

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Defensive Resources LLC
Instructor:Bryce Booher
$55 (Includes free firearm rental + ammo)
(Includes ear protection only)
– Please bring something to take notes, and something to write with
Duration: 8.5-Hours (including range)

Scheduling: Call or email to schedule

Quail Creek Guns

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Trainers, Shane & Liz Gibbs

Phone – (417) – 718 – 3718

E-mail –

Quail Creek Guns, Marshfield MO

$75 Includes breakfast, lunch, use of our handguns, ammo and 3 month range membership or $65 to
provide your own handgun with same amenities as above.

Classes are 8-5 on the 2nd Saturday or 4th Sunday of each month.

Springfield Area or 417-718-3718

Cozy Comforts of Home L.L.C.

May 8, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Cozy Comforts of Home L.L.C.

Name – Rusty Lawrence

Cell phone 816-550-7984

I provide an 8 hour class for $100 which includes firearms and ammunition, eye and
ear protection and snacks and bottled water. I want my students to not worry about
things they need to bring or extra expenses. Everything you need is provided. Come
and learn firearms safety and the legal aspects of carrying a concealed weapon. I
conduct classes in the Kearney, MO. area, but can come to where you are if you have
a group wanting taught.

Now teaching Missouri and Kansas residents!

Brown and Sons Firearms Training

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Name – Walter Brown

Phone – (660) – 973 – 0564

E-mail –

How You Heard About Us? – Other Website

Class is $100, $80 for military/fire/ems/leo/co

We provide lunch, pistols, ammunition,targets, hearing and eye protection, and 8
hours of quality instruction by qualified instructors with EMT, Corrections, and
Military experience.

Nixa CCW

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Name – Rick Smith

Phone – (417) – 861 – 6477

E-mail –

Nixa CCW

75.00 per person, includes lunch

Rental guns available. Eye and hearing protection provided. Offering classes in SW Missouri or can travel for a full class.


Mar 17, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Springfield Area

1505 W State Hwy J Ozark, Mo 65721

CCW is $60 and I provide everything-guns, ammo, range fees, targets, ear and eye
protection-the only thing they have to bring is a photo id
8-hour course

Bring a notebook, as well as ear and eye protection

Classroom in Springfield at Sunshine and Campbell as well as Ozark next to Sound of

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

John Halley 417-619-7309

GunSafety11, LLC

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GunSafety11, LLC provides, firearms sales, service and training. Classes include;
Introduction to firearms, NRA basic pistol, Missouri CCW and force on force. Have a
location to accommodate a group? We’ll come to you! Discounts available for
Military, EMS, Fire and law enforcement personnel. Classes range from $50-$100.

Questions? Call or email us!


Check us out at..

River City Firearms Training

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Name – River City Firearms Training

Phone – (573) – 986 – 8292

E-mail –

River City Firearms Training skilled instructors: Jason McBride, Mike Lynch and Kelly Miller. Located in Cape Girardeau, MO. Concealed Carry courses $100 (single) or $150 (married couple). Bring your unloaded and cased semi-automatic handgun and revolver along with a minimum of 40 rounds of factory ammunition for each gun. Gun rental is available if you do not have your own firearms. Classroom study materials, hearing and eye protection provided. We also offer co-ed and ladies only basic, intermediate and advanced handgun and carbine courses.

Eby’s CCW

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Name – Russell Eby

Phone – (660) – 888 – 6180

E-mail –

Eby’s ccw -Im a certified NRA instructor, I hold classes in Boonville MO. I charge $90 per person if you have your own pistols and $100 if i supply the pistols. Must have your own ammo, 40rds through a revolver and 40rds through a semi-auto. I’ll supply the ear plugs and eye protection.

Trident Survival Services

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Name – Jim Carroll

Phone – (417) – 612 – 4577

E-mail –

Trident Survival Services Concealed Carry Class is 8 Hrs. and are conducted on weekends. Classes are $80.00 with preregistration required. You will need to brings your guns, both semi-auto and revolver. Guns can be rented for range. Group discounts available on our website. NRA Certified Instructors Email: Serving all of Southwest Missouri

Lead & Logic Firearms Training

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Name – Robert Madole

Phone – (417) – 763 – 3060

E-mail –

Classes are in Joplin, MO

Always on the 3rd Saturday on every month – $65 per person

We provide everything: use of firearms, ammo, refreshments, lunch from a menu,
indoor range, all in one facility, all in one day!!

Priority Tactical

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas, St. Louis

Name – Edward Smoote 

Phone - (855) - 411 - 4229 

E-mail - 

Priority Tactical, 8 hour class is $120. Students need identification. No live  weapons or ammunition in the classroom. Ear and eye protection provided and weapons/ammo for the qualification.

$100 if you have your own weapon and ammo.

St Louis Area


Pat Bellew

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Name – Pat Bellew

Phone – (573) – 836 – 0562

E-mail –

Instructor-Pat Bellew CCW Class $100 Students will need weapons, ammo, eye and ear protection. Located in Camdenton, MO Contact 5738360562 or

Brothers In Arms Strategic LLC

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Name – Brian Khongmaly

Phone – (913) – 956 – 9092

E-mail –

Brothers In Arms Strategic LLC Brian Khongmaly NRA Certified, MO CCW, KS CCW U.S. Army Veteran Kansas City Area Missouri Concealed Carry Weapons & Firearms Safety Course $85 per person Bonus: We offer a $5 referral discount for every person you refer taking the course. IE: 5 people you refer equal $25 OFF for you price. We make the course fun and enjoyable. We use a unique program to present our lesson plan which provides you with the proper knowledge about firearms safety and understanding the Missouri Statues. Gone are the boring days of just sitting there and watching an instructor speak the whole time and not being able to ask a question. We encourage interaction with our students and we do group activities to help get you ready to qualify. Please visit our website for course details, locations, things to bring, about us, and more: Or contact Brian Khongmaly: (913) 956 – 9092

N.O.C. Firearms Training

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Name – Kevin Dixie

Phone – (314) – 443 – 3344


Trainer: Kevin Dixie Company: N.O.C. Firearms Training  WWW.NOCMO.ORG Phone: 314.443.3344 CCW Cost: $100.00 Ear and Eye Provided Location: Mobile – Saint Louis Metro Area Students should bring valid state ID and writing utensil to class. They may also bring their own firearm but no ammo.

Bitner Firearms and Security Training, LLC

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Name – Teddy Bitner

Phone – (816) – 914 – 5119

E-mail –

Bitner Firearms and Security Training, LLC $75.00 Belton/Raymore, Missouri MO CCW and Kansas CCH certified Specialize in small classes and new shooters Details of course requirements are provided in class specific flyers available upon request. Guns provided (not ammo) Bring state issued ID 816 914-5119

T&M Firearms Training

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Travis Arnold

Phone – (816) – 898 – 1430

E-mail –

T&M Firearms Training located outside Adrian, Mo  We offer Missouri CCW class ajd NRA basic pistol class. Price is $75 guns and ammo included. Hearing and eye protection is available if the student doesn’t bring their own. Contact us on Facebook at T&M Firearms Training, or call/text 816 556 6015. Thank you.

Stockton Shooting School

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Name - Brett Morris 

Phone - (417) - 399 - 8029 

E-mail - 

Stockton Shooting School
12400 E Hwy Z Stockton MO 65785

Instructor: Brett Morris Certified NRA Pistol Instructor 

Stockton Shooting School offers the Missouri CCW class on a regular basis. Cost of
the class is $75.

All guns, ammo, safety equipment and lunch is included in this price. The 8 hours
class and range is held in one location. Times are normally 9am-5pm. Arrangements
can be made to hold private classes with 5 people or more. 

Students may bring their own guns if they like.


Real Life Firearms and Tactics, LLC

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Name – David Euson

Phone – (636) – 368 – 7166

E-mail –

Real Life Firearms and Tactics, LLC MO CCW $95 Advanced CCW & Women’s Self Defense Seminar Illinois CCW Part 1 Couples and group discounts available. St. Louis, MO 636-368-7166

Ferguson’s Public Safety Training

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Name – paul ferguson

Phone – (417) – 592 – 2649

E-mail –

Paul Ferguson 65$ Students need only to bring 80 rds of 22 LR. We provide handguns, ear protection, and eye protection. Address is 5769 Panda Rd. Diamond, MO 64840

Shoemate Arms LLC

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas
Name - Todd Shoemate 

Phone - (573) - 795 - 5654 

E-mail - 

Shoemate's Arms, LLC -- Monroe City, MO (Ralls County)

We have a 3 person training team that are all NRA certified instructors.  Our class
is $100 and includes lunch.  We have firearms available to anyone that does not have
them.  Ammunition is available for purchase.  Ear and eye protection can be provided
if you do not have your own.  Our range is located on site so no additional travel
is necessary once at our location.  We also offer the NRA Basic Pistol and Personal
Protection in the Home courses. 

Website is

Facebook --

Creative Management Consultants

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – James Simmerman

Phone – (660) – 886 – 7411

E-mail –

Creative Management Consultants (Including Firearms Safety and Firearms Safety Instructor Training)

We train the trainers. Over 40 years experience in the criminal justice system: St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer and Homicide Det; U.S. Army MP; Chief Legal Investigator for the St. Louis Medical Examiner; Marshall, Mo. Chief of Police over 24 years, retiring in 2008); and now Executive Director of Training for the Saline County Criminal Justice Training Center (Saline County Sheriff's Dept.). CEO of Creative Management Consultants, since 1984. I’ve taught numerous firearms safety instructor and firearms safety courses in Mo. since 2004. If you are interested in attending a firearms safety instructor course or would like a training materials package that includes everything to teach the course, feel free to contact me.

Brass Creek Firearms Training, LLC

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Dennis Day

Phone – (816) – 646 – 3868

E-mail – H

Dennis Day / Brass Creek Firearms Training, LLC $100 / student We ask that you bring the pistol(s) that you plan to carry if possible. If not, we can supply .22 pistols (both semi-automatic and revolvers). We provide ammunition for .22 caliber pistols only. We provide eye and ear protection. We are located at the end of Gospel Lane South of Hamilton, MO off of Hwy U. Our address is 3499 NE Gospel Lane, Hamilton, MO 64644. Our website can provide further information at You can also sign up for a class online or call to request a class date if you do not see a class scheduled for a date that works for you.

Hidden Advantage Training Group

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas
Name - Joseph  Merkler 

Phone - (573) - 334 - 6543 

E-mail - 

A Hidden Advantage Training Group in Cape Girardeau, Mo. since 1996.

Steinkuhler Firearms and Safety Training

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas
Name - Joe Steinkuhler 

Phone - (816) - 726 - 1062 

E-mail - 

Steinkuhler Firearms and Safety Training. NRA certified. 8 hour CCW class. $100 per
student, Guns, ammo, safety equip., and food provided (Inquire about discount).
Pistol, rifle, and firearm safety classes also offered. Groups, family, and one on
one classes available. Classes located in Concordia Mo. or will travel.

Longshot Security Consulting

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Earl Cadle

Phone – (660) – 473 – 6949

E-mail –

Longshot Security Consulting Sedalia, MO $100.00 Can provide firearm and ammo for new shooter, eye and ear protection is available. May use your own, no reloads in ammo. (660)473-6949

Tracy Medford

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Tracy Medford

Phone – (660) – 233 – 2745

E-mail –

Concordia, MO CCW Class Every 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of each month @ 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in Concordia, MO at the Community Center, 802 S Gordon St. Cost is $100; I provide pistol, revolver, ammo, hearing & eye protection, drinks and FOOD. If you refer a paying student to me, AND I have received FULL PAYMENT for that student on or before the day of YOUR class, you and your referred friend receive a $10.00 discount each! That person can even attend an upcoming class, as long as they have fully paid for by your class, you both get the discount!

Missouri Safe Carry

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Kevin Powell

Phone – (417) – 840 – 5426

E-mail –

Trainer Kevin Powell Company: Missouri Safe Carry  CCW

Class is $100 All equipment is furnished including weapons and Ammo. Lunch is also provided/ Location is Buffalo Missouri – 417-840-5426

2nd Aim

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Graydon Hall

E-mail –

Cost $75 per person2nd AIM, LLC

Graydon Hall-instructor

classes being held Saturdays in Monett, MO Beginning at 8:30 Guns, Ammunition, safety glasses, hearing protection for more information and to register-

Self Defence Concepts LLC

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Springfield Area

Name – Tony Combest

Phone – (417) – 207 – 6225

E-mail –

$65.00 per student

Minimum 8 hour course Firearms available if student has none. Eye and ear protection available if student has none. Students may qualify with their own firearm if they choose. or contact us at (417)207-6225

Dick Liedorff

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Dick Liedorff

Phone – (660) – 258 – 7554

E-mail –

Located in Brookfield, Mo.

I charge $100.00 for a class that usually last 10 hours.

Students need eyes, ears , a revolver and a semi auto. I can help with any of the listed items if necessary. My classes are a teaching class rather than a testing. If you want to learn I will teach you,

Kyle Guns and Reloading

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – Kyle Hibbitts

Phone – (931) – 241 – 9407

E-mail –

$60 – if student provides own weapons and ammo I can provide weapons and ammo for a small fee, call to make arrangements. Group and Military discounts Required: Eye and ear protection. (I have some if you do not or forget) NRA Certified Instructor. Hot Breakfast Provided (Lunch Available Onsite) Class is taught @ VFW 3176 in Waynesville, Mo Range is a private range a short drive away. Space is limited. Please contact Kyle to reserve your seat. Multiple dates are available.

Personal Security Dynamics

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Springfield Area

Name – David Webster

Phone – (417) – 838 – 7825

E-mail –

David Webster Personal Security Dynamics Ozark Mo 417-838-7825 30 yr. Law enforement 25 years in training. $80.00 discounts for groups, LOE, Firefights and EMS

Wil-Nor Outdoors Concealed Carry Training

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Name – William Kunz

Phone – (636) – 285 – 7416

E-mail –

Wil-Nor Outdoors Concealed Carry Training.

Classes held on third Saturday of each month or private small group classes available upon request. Cost: $125 includes eye and ear protection, 22 ammo, use of weapon. Located at 9298 Hwy WW, Dittmer, MO. Call 636 285-7416 for more information or to reserve your spot.

CCW Tactical Defense

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Name – David Weidner

Phone – (314) – 246 – 0260

E-mail –

$99 per student

8-hour class

Saturday or Sunday Classes (evening and week-day, day time classes available by special request).

Firearms, ammunition, targets, and all printed course materials provided. Bring snacks and drinks. Classes held in St. Louis County (Florissant).

(314) 246-0260 and

Defensive Edge Training Group

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Name – Larry Robinson

Phone – (816) – 718 – 7772

E-mail –

Defensive Edge Training Group

CCW Instruction for Missouri and Kansas

29 year Law Enforcement Veteran and NRA Instructor

Classes are also available in Spanish

 $100.00/ student- includes weapons, ammo, hearing and eye protection. Students supply paper, pen, and a willing attitude to learn. 100% money back guarantee if you fail to pass. Has never happened!! We will work till you pass!

call 816-718-7772

All classes are 8 hours and we are flexible for evenings or weekends.

Hopper Firearms Training

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Hopper Firearms Training

Name – Adrian Hopper

Phone – (417) – 763 – 8449

E-mail –


Students must provide their own ammunition and firearms. Some firearms available for use during class. Eye and ear protection available. Jasper County, Newton County & McDonald County Classes are held at the D-Day Adventure Park near Seneca, MO

Advanced Personal Defense, MO. CCW certification +

Feb 7, 2014   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Advanced Personal Defense,Mo. Ccw certification +

Name – Lane Walters

Phone – (417) – 230 – 8611

E-mail –

Cost $100 per person, groups discounted, will come to your location if range meets
qualifications. Based in Branson but can travel just about anywhere . 8 hour class
students provide guns and ammoand hearing protection / eye protection. Instructor
NRA certified in basic pistol, personal defense, defense in home and range safety
officer. Instructs church groups, family, business etc.

Give us call, 9 years experience , fun class.

M.O.C.C.W. Firearms Training

Jan 26, 2014   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis
M.O.C.C.W. Firearms Training
217 Shumate Ave Maryland Hts Mo 63043
Cost $125.00 with a special discounted rate for visitors of $100, simply put that you heard about MOCCW from the website
One day classes include range qualification
Two day Classes (Part one is classroom time) 2nd Day Range Qualification
NRA Classes for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun
Must reserve a seat for all classes at

Diane’s CCW Training Course (St. Charles County)

Jan 24, 2013   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Includes eye and ear protection; classroom instruction; range time and firearm and ammo for small fee.
“Recognized handgun expert, award-winning competition shooter, and an experienced firearms instructor dedicated to ‘Safety, Education and Responsibility.'”
Call Diane Dawkins for more information.
Phone: (636) 229-2247

Sound of Freedom USA

Dec 20, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Springfield Area

Classes held Saturdays, 9am-5pm
Bring revolver and semi-automatic (rentals available); eye and ear protection provided.
Only gun range in SW MO where you can take the class and shoot all under one roof;
5-Star rated gun range by NSSF.
NRA certified instructors
(417) 485-4867

EDC Firearms Training, LLC

Dec 7, 2012   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

Includes eye and ear protection, guns and ammo.
Classroom located in St Charles.
Privately owned range located in Troy, MO.
FL and MO permits  |

Anthony Dicharo (Barry County, MO)

Nov 28, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

$100 – if student provides own weapon and ammo
$125 – if instructor provides weapon and ammo
Discounts to groups and military.
Required: Eye and ear protection.
NRA basic pistol instructor.
Experience: Sgt in military police for 8 yrs, 2 combat deployments to Iraq, several peacetime missions in U.S.
Range is in Exeter MO, near Cassville in Barry County.
Phone: (417) 429-5825

Archangel 3 Firearms Training, LLC

Nov 28, 2012   //   by admin1   //   St. Louis

CCW Course: $75
We offer Missouri CCW, NRA Basic Pistol, Advanced CCW, and Security Assessments.

Spear Security Training (Hannibal, MO)

Nov 28, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

SPEAR Security Training and Consulting (Cassidy Group LLC)
Hannibal MO and North-east Counties
MO CCW, basic and advanced firearms training, holiday safety seminars, and personal protection courses.
NRA Certified Instructor and over 20 years Federal Government experience.
Phone Mike:573-587-1593

React Firearms (Cape Girardeau, MO)

Nov 28, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Class Cost: $100
Concealed-Carry Training Requirements:
Eye and ear protection
Handgun of your choice with 50 rounds of ammunition.
Gun rental is available.
Class is state required 8 hrs in duration.
To sign up:
Call or Text: 573-275-7772

Shiwa Firearms Training (Napoleon, MO)

Nov 28, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

$100 per student
Flexible scheduling and small classes
Firearm, Ammo, Eye and Ear Protection Provided
Missouri CCW, Kansas CCH and NRA Classes
(816) 213-0632

Hi-Caliber Training & Tactics

Oct 5, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Columbia Jeff City

$125 (MO CCW – 9 Hours)
R Keith Hoffman, Instructor
Bring: Handgun (rentals available), ammunition, eyes & ear protection, water and lunch
We also offer Defensive Handgun and Ladies Only classes.
Discounts available
For more information
Visit our website:
Call: 573-415-7776

Patriot Training Academy LLC (Poplar Bluff, MO)

Sep 12, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Bring eye protection, 150 rounds of ammo; weapons are available for loan.
5 years in business, over 1000 students taught.
Both L.E. firearms instructors for Missouri Sheriff’s Academy, Butler Co. Sheriff’s office, Poplar Bluff P.D., Missouri Coroner’s, and several other agencies in S. E. Missouri.
Patriot Training Academy, LLC
1414 CR 542, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
Jim Akers 573-718-0839
Ryan Thurman 573-429-7979

Mark Fringer

Sep 5, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Springfield Area

$120 (Spouse, group and NRA discounts available)
One-day 10 hours on weekends
All classroom materials, snacks, lunch, firearms and ammunition provided.
NRA Certified Instructor/Missouri- Florida Concealed Carry Instructor.
Call for information.
(417) 561-8087

Protect N Survive

Jul 22, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Springfield Area

8-hour course.
We provide loaner guns for students.
Bring eye and ear protection.
Students must pay for ammo.
Instructors are all current/former Law Enforcement & NRA Certified.

Show-Me Gun Works (Versailles, MO)

Jul 19, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Other Areas

Instructors are Mark and Patricia Stafford.
Students must bring eye and ear protection plus ammo. Loaner guns available.
Lunch provided.
(573) 378-0435

KC Concealed Carry, LLC

Jun 21, 2012   //   by admin1   //   Kansas City

Missouri CCW and Kansas CCH concealed-carry permit training.
8-hour course.
Guns and ammo provided.
Bring state issued I.D.