Wednesday – April 12, 2017 – 10 A.M. to NOON
Missouri State Capitol, First Floor Rotunda, Jefferson City

Sponsored by: MPS (Missourians for Personal Safety), GCLA (Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance), WMSA (Western Missouri Shooters Alliance), MSSA (Missouri Sport Shooting Association), MISSOURICARRY, and other pro-freedom groups.

Each year in the spring, Second Amendment advocates gather in the Missouri State Capitol Rotunda to “rally” the gun-rights grassroots base and lobby the legislature on gun-rights issues and pending legislation. Rally Day also offers an excellent opportunity for gun owners and pro-gun legislators to get better acquainted and forge stronger alliances.

Rally Day, April 18, 2013.  Photo by Mark Buckner.

The Gun-Rights Rally is usually presided over by a designated emcee who introduces guest speakers and, as they arrive, any legislators who may come to address the crowd. (During the rally, legislators are in chambers, working, and can only make an appearance as time permits to take a break from the legislative body.)

The rally is a non-partisan event, and pro-gun legislators do reside on both sides of the aisle. Rally-goers are encouraged to act respectfully at all times and to dress appropriately. “Military style” attire, political-party t-shirts, etc., are not recommended and don’t help the cause.

Rally-goers are encouraged to go speak with their elected officials after the rally. (See Legislator Lookup.) Talking points, especially as it relates to pending legislation, will be recommended during the rally. The office room numbers for House and Senate members are available online or at the information desk located at the entrance to the rotunda.

Capitol Rules

Under the Code of State Regulations, 1 CSR 35-1.050, should any of the following prohibitions be violated, the event may be canceled immediately and/or the offending individuals asked to leave. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

(4) Public Use of the Capitol Building and Grounds.

(A) The following activities and conditions are not permitted in or about the Capitol Building and grounds, as defined in section (1) of this rule:

  1. Purely private social events, such as weddings, regardless of the type or content;
  2. The service or consumption of alcoholic beverages, except as provided in paragraph (4)(A)3.;
  3. Box lunches, buffet style or “sit down” food service, or any other service of food or beverage is prohibited in the rotunda, except that the service of food and beverage, including alcoholic beverages, is permitted if it is part of a state government function and is approved by the Board of Public Buildings. The service of food or beverage on the Capitol grounds is prohibited unless approved by the facility manager and the food or beverage is served without charge;
  4. In order to minimize damage to the rotunda floor, dance events, including demonstrations such as clogging, square dancing and other such activity, are prohibited in the rotunda, unless the events are part of a state government function and are approved by the Board of Public Buildings;
  5. Commercial activities, including the sale of any goods or services and any other activities undertaken for the primary purpose of obtaining a financial return for the benefit of an individual or organization, whether organized for profit or not, except as otherwise authorized in this rule;
  6. The solicitation of contributions, gifts or donations is prohibited in all common areas of the Capitol Building, and the distribution of leaflets or other materials and all other forms of solicitation, including solicitation of support for any political candidate or cause is prohibited in all common areas of the Capitol Building except the rotunda and the south steps;
  7. Making any speech or conducting any organized activity involving two (2) or more persons without first obtaining a permit from the facility manager, or distributing leaflets or other materials which have not been provided to the facility manager in conjunction with an application for a permit, or leaving leaflets or other materials unattended;
  8. Any activity that obstructs the free ingress or egress of those wishing to enter or leave the rotunda or other portions of the Capitol;
  9. A sound level, noise, or any other activity that disrupts the business of government in the Capitol;
  10. The use of balloons of any kind in the rotunda;
  11. Smoking in any of the common areas inside the Capitol Building, except in those areas that have specifically been designated as “smoking areas”;
  12. Guns or weapons of any kind, except as authorized in section (5) of this rule;
  13. The use, in the rotunda, of lighted candles or other devices which produce flames;
  14. Signs, banners and like material shall not be fastened in any way to the walls, surfaces, or railing surrounding the rotunda. Wood, metal or plastic poles or standards shall not be used to support signs or banners and shall not be brought onto the Capitol grounds. Signs displayed during an activity shall not contain any obscene words or symbols;
  15. Any other activity that presents a significant likelihood of damage to the rotunda or other portions of the Capitol;
  16. Camping, as previously defined in this rule; and
  17. Any activity that is a violation of federal, state or local law.

Capitol Building

Maps of all the different floors of the Capitol building are available here or here. The rotunda is in the center of the first floor, it’s hard to miss. The cafeteria is in the northwest end of the basement, right across from the elevators. (Another set of elevators can be found at the southeast end of the building.) The visitor galleries overlooking the Senate and House chambers are on the fourth floor. The second and third floors are mostly offices.


See the Capitol Complex Parking Map for an interactive map with click-for-details on most of the parking lots in the area, or download a map here. Of course, metered parking is also available on city streets and around the capitol, plus there is a fairly close public parking garage at Madison Street and Capitol Avenue. Car pooling is suggested.

Rally Flyer

Click or right-click the image to download the PDF. Help get the word out — print and distribute! Gun clubs, ranges, and gun stores usually allow posting.

[2017 Rally Flyer not yet available]


Questions? Need a ride? For all other information about the Gun Rights Rally, please call:

WMSA at (877) 333-9672
GCLA at (314) 385-4867

We hope to see you there!